One-on-One Healing Sessions:

Through discussion and mutual exploration, private sessions are closely tailored to your personal, emotional and spiritual needs. I draw from my studies in Counseling, Japanese, Native American, and Buddhism healing traditions as well as my studies in metaphysics in order to see, hear, or feel information that provides a more encompassing picture of what is happening.

Through laying-on-of-hands and intuitive guidance, my aim is to reconnect you to your inner knowledge/Light…the Divine within.

Sessions may include a combination of modalities, depending on the specific issues:

Laying-on-of-Hands – In each session I rely on my intuition to direct where healing energy is most needed to clear, balance and recharge your energetic field. During periods of transformation and transition this work is very helpful in releasing energy that is no longer serving you, energy that isn’t yours but has become attached to you, and to help progress emotional and physical clearings. I have studied multiple forms of energy work, including Craniosacral Therapy, Shamanism and Curanderismo and have completed master level Reiki training.

Channeling and Intuitive Guidance– This is a powerful approach to discover insights from the energies that are guiding our life path, relying on my connection to the spirit realm and the symbolic imagery that arises. This connection provides me with a deeper understanding of the questions being asked at the level of heart and soul. The information received during these sessions is not intended to give you absolute direction towards a specific outcome, but rather to support your journey along your personal and spiritual path.

Skype channeling sessions are available for returning clients.

Celestial Resonance Living Light Language - Living Light Language is a multi-dimensional form of sound healing. It contains within it more frequencies than simply the sounds you hear when you listen to it. Living light language by-passes the mental plane and connects deeply into the emotional and spiritual planes, so it is incredibly effective at shifting energy, opening doorways of pure potentiality and increasing frequency/consciousness to create truly breathtaking healing impacts and positive change. My initiation was done through Kyrona Unity Hope.