Resources and Links

With so many resources available, I offer the following links to people and organizations that I know and trust.


I work out of the office of East Village Holistic Therapies with other very talented, compassionate and progressive practitioners who focus on body, mind and spirit.  Please also visit The Work of Healing blog from our office.

Julie Winter has been my mentor and teacher for over ten years. I have unending love and gratitude for her and all of her wisdom and guidance.

Ione is a mentor, gifted healer, therapist and artist. She is a beautiful human and a role model for me.

Dr. Jada Turco is a holistic psychiatrist. She is board certified in Psychiatry and Neurology and completed her residency training at NYU School of Medicine.  She works with adults and adolescents who are interested in a unique and integrative approach to mental health and well being.  Dr. Turco is a one-of-a-kind psychiatrist who isn’t afraid to think and work out of the box of textbook psychiatry.

Helix is the 4-year program that I trained through. This will give you more information on my educational background.


Noviana Kusumawardhani is one of the most gifted tarot card readers I have ever met. Her desire to serve and her commitment to working with Spirit is done with utmost integrity and sincerity. Based in Ubud.

Cat Kabira is an extremely skillful yoga instructor and intuitive Craniosacral therapist. She hosts yoga teacher trainings and immersions around the world and is based in Ubud.

Tamara Brown is a Medical Intuitive, and is trained in cross-cultural Shamanism, Upledger and Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki & other energy healing modalities. She also owns & works with a Crystal Bed from John of God in Brazil, a rare opportunity to experience this outside of La Casa. She can be reached at

Adolf Brown  is a Holistic Chiropractor trained in Chiropractic, CranioSacral therapy, Chinese Medicine, Nutritional medicine and Applied Kinesiology, Adolf synthesizes scientific knowledge with intuitive insight and understanding of the energy body into a unique and powerful healing system.

Kyrona is a teacher and healer. She is the Celestial Resonance Living Light Language Channel and uses Living Light Language as a healing modality. She is an incredibly gifted woman who works with astrology in a completely unique way. If you have a chance to take one of her workshops I (Jana) strongly encourage you to do so!

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