Channeled Messages

I have been working with my Spirit Guides as a channel since 2007. I have kept some recordings and have decided to begin to transcribe some in hopes of compiling a book of the material.  In the past year it seems the focus of most of the channeling sessions has been on love relationships, the balancing of the Divine Feminine and Intention & Manifestion/Co-creation.  I’ve decided to post a few of these sessions. I hope you find them helpful. I welcome your comments & will try to respond as I can.

In love and gratitude,


Channeling on Love from June 2012.

Love without attachment. You may find that you are connecting with certain people at a deeper level & at a quicker pace than before. You are accessing love at a deeper level – a soul connection. You are looking to connect and you have more ability to recognize the soul beyond the face, the physical body. There is Soul recognition. Instant connection. More often. There are times when you meet someone and there is an almost jubilant feeling – I’m so happy to see you again! – at some level. This is Soul recognition. What then sometimes happens is that the physical body & mind/ego/personality part of your being wants more…more connection through the senses, to see more, to touch more, to hear more, to taste more.  This leads to physical/romantic relationship that is intense, passionate and then often crashes. We would advise you to be aware of this in order to save some heartache. Spend a little more time contemplating/feeling if it is truly necessary to move into that type of a relationship. Wanting more can lead to attachment, expectations lead to disappointments which then lead to cut off. Connection is needed. Not cut off. We are not saying that the age of romantic physical relationships is over. Just suggesting that you are aware and mindful of where you choose to put your energy into with that type of relationship. If you choose to engage in a physical romantic relationship the transition in & out can be smoother if you recognize the deep love that is there as a connected soul. This is where the non-attachment comes in. Can you find a place in your relationship where there is just love? Not attachment to how he/she is behaving. Not expectation. Just pure love. Is your desire to simply be the best person you can be in this relationship and independently? And if that is your desire and your partners desire than really what more can you ask? This is not saying you should allow behaviors that are abusive or not congruent with what you want or believe to be true for you in a relationship. The transition in & out & during the relationship can be taken to a deeper level when there is non-attachment. So if your partner chooses to not to be faithful and s/he believes that is still congruent with who s/he believes is the best s/he can be in the relationship then that is where they are and if you do not agree then there is a choice to be made. Understanding that is your choice and not be attached to the story that goes along with it. Still understand that underneath lies the connection of love between two souls. We are all here on a journey. You will all stumble on your journey. You will all have choice on your journey. The closer you can get to this clear understanding of love the less painful it will be.


2 thoughts on “Channeled Messages

  1. Joan Wong

    Dear Jana, thanks for sharing this beautiful message, it certainly gives clarity to my experience. Especially enlightening is when you pointed out the part where the mind/ego will come in to influence and create attachment, which is so true and now I can recognise it as a voice we don’t have to listen to. Namaste.

  2. Jana Johnson Post author

    Thank you Joan. This is a message that I think everyone can benefit from. It is easier said than done but having it in our awareness creates space for the possibility of changed behavior.


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