There are some things I may not know
There are some places, I may not go.
But there’s one thing of which I’m sure
My God is real for I can feel him in my soul.

~God is Real, Krishna Das



I am a channel and energy worker, drawn to rituals and mysticism which has led me to research various worldly religions and spiritual traditions.

From previously working in the arts and events, in 2007 I completed a 4-year counseling program called Helix and was ordained as a minister of the Helix Healing Ministry. The program gave me a strong psychological & spiritual knowledge base along with years of experiential work as a psycho-spiritual counselor. I now serve as a member of the Helix Healing Ministry Board.

It was also in 2007 when I began voice channeling – working with my Spirit Guides who began to speak through me. After leaving Corporate America in 2009 and visiting John of God in Brazil, the act of channeling became easier and the messages became clearer. I also completed Reiki training at the master level.

Since moving to Ubud, Bali in 2012 my channel has opened to even stronger energy and a deeper connection to my “Higher Self” and with the Divine.  Because of my counseling background, clients feel safe enough to explore some of the most intimate and vulnerable places in their life. This opening allows me to access information buried below the surface that the conscious mind cannot access, and shed light on the Truth that underlies the issues. I am deeply honored to take this journey with my clients.

Music has remained a part of my life with an early attempt at forming a band in my 20s, producing concerts in my 30s, and now singing kirtan. Every time I sing I can feel my heart vibrate. The act of singing kirtan has had a tremendous impact on my connection to the Divine. It has healed me in many personal ways and has allowed me to also use my voice for healing in my private sessions with others.

My path and definition of spirituality is deeply personal and unique to me. My daily life is my “church” and it is with loving kindness, deep gratitude and commitment to my path that I do this work.

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